A portrait of the place where Evangelical politics and climate change meet

The climate talks in Paris are in their second week, and it's sometimes difficult on such a global stage to appreciate the small and local ways that climate change affects us. Consider the Hampton Roads region in Virginia, a collection of seven coastal cities including Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Writing for Scalawag, the Durham-based magazine covering Southern politics, Michael Schulson sets the scene (full disclosure: Schulson and the Scalawag team are good friends of mine): Global sea level i … [Read more...]

The Gay Divide

Today’s guest post in our ongoing series of guest contributors comes once more from Nicholas Lang, who previously submitted guest pieces considering Park51 and the state of American dialogue and reflecting on the ramifications of “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.” Today's piece is a personal triumph; searing, sobering, and terribly relevant. There's really nothing more that I can say about it, besides the fact that you must read it. Seriously. Read it:When I heard about Tyler Clementi for the fir … [Read more...]

Religion (and Secular) Roundup: Secular Students, Fundamentalist Atheists, Postage Stamps

National Prayer Breakfast Acknowledges Those Who Don't Pray: Obama mentioned Americans of "no faith" at the National Prayer Breakfast but in, uh, this context: "God's grace [is expressed] by Americans of every faith, and no faith, uniting around a common purpose, a higher purpose." Is it just nitpick-y to criticize his language here? To his credit, his words throughout were very inclusive of people of all faiths (and "no faith," which is again a first for an American President). But his language … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Bruce Sheiman Interview

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Bruce Sheiman, the author of An Atheist Defends Religion: Why Humanity is Better Off with Religion Than Without It. His book, which came out last year, has raised eyebrows in both religious and non-religious circles for proposing that religion plays an important and perhaps even necessary role as a cultural institution -- even for so-called "rational Atheists." This is a point with which I obviously sympathize, and I've enjoyed his book a great deal. … [Read more...]

Religion Roundup: Hatin’ on Haiti, "Winning the War," and more

Hello from me and my buddy Pat! I'm quite busy these days and will only be getting busier as the run-up to my thesis submission intensifies, but fear not: NonProphet Status will continue to bring you original content every week.Without further ado: religion news, from me to you!Haitian Hubbub: The earthquake in Haiti has been unavoidable in the media, and with good reason -- it was and continues to be absolutely devastating. Distracting from the devastation, however, was good 'ol Pat … [Read more...]