A portrait of the place where Evangelical politics and climate change meet

The climate talks in Paris are in their second week, and it's sometimes difficult on such a global stage to appreciate the small and local ways that climate change affects us. Consider the Hampton Roads region in Virginia, a collection of seven coastal cities including Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Writing for Scalawag, the Durham-based magazine covering Southern politics, Michael Schulson sets the scene (full disclosure: Schulson and the Scalawag team are good friends of mine): Global sea level i … [Read more...]

Help support “Scalawag,” a new magazine for Southern politics and culture

If you had to make a list of "things I care about right now," near the top would definitely be "good writing" and "the American South." I've been living in Durham, NC and working at Duke University for almost three years, and it's been a fantastic place to make my home. I have a steady income, a low cost of living, access to arts and culture, and enough time to do some writing and reading on top of my work.That's why I'm really excited about a new magazine two of my old classmates and recent … [Read more...]