Courage Matters: Darwin Day as a Holiday for Brave Questions

The following is a guest post by Seráh Blain.A century and a half ago, Charles Darwin published a book that blazed through the anthropocentric fog clouding our view of the universe. On the Origin of Species detailed his discovery of natural selection, and in doing so unraveled hazey superstitious tendrils lingering in modern minds from a time long past—a time when human beings had few sensible explanations for the baffling patterns they encountered in their daily lives.The world must … [Read more...]

Making Peace with Religion

Check out this awesome guest post by the amazing Serah Blain, who does everything and anything there is to do around Humanism, atheism, LGBT issues, and interfaith in Arizona (check out her bio at the bottom of the post and be impressed by what a champion she is!). I'm inspired by her work; and today, I'm inspired by her words:I spent a lot of time in the atheist blogosphere this week and really enjoyed the diversity of voices within our movement, the exposure to new ideas and approaches, an … [Read more...]