Like the lyrics in the song from the Broadway musical, Annie - “Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow! You’re Always A Day A Way!” – many of us spend a significant amount of time during our lives waiting for tomorrow. Yes, we wait for the next something, somewhere or someone hoping it or they will make us wealthier, happier, stronger, more content or, at the very least, it or they will distract us from some level of discomfort or confusion. Unfortunately, our experience shows that this focus … [Read more...]

A Time Unlike Any Before It

If you weren’t born yesterday and you haven’t been hanging out with Rip Van Winkle, then you know we are in a time unlike any before it. In fact, according to a number of experts, the major shift in the demographic composition of our population here in America (soon 50% over 50 for the first time in history) and in every other industrialized country in the world is contributing greatly to the unique challenges we face at this time. Yes, increasing longevity, decreasing birth rates and a shr … [Read more...]