From The Inside Out, A Genuine Path To A Positive Future

We are at a challenging, some say critical time in our history.   There is a battle currently underway between the left and the right to determine whose philosophy will shape the next chapter in American History and this battle is heating up dramatically.  Some suggest that what is at stake is democracy itself and a way of life that the majority of our citizens and the world at large has used as a beacon of hope and a reminder of what is possible when human freedom, ingenuity,  passion and com … [Read more...]

How Can We Get There From Here

As we move about in this often awkward and complex modern world, a world in which there appears to be too much focus on advocating and advancing small, individuals agendas and too little focus on identifying and implementing real solutions to the serious problems that impact all of us and the common good, we find ourselves wondering if and how we can actually get there from here. “There” being a sane and more sustainable way of life in which the importance of the greater good and the evolution o … [Read more...]