The State of LDS Cinema — 2010

Let’s take a quick glance at box office figures for LDS films released since 2000:  (films are arranged chronologically by release date -- box office figures are in thousands) … [Read more...]

Searching For Decent Films (Part 2): Using The Rating System Appropriately

(Continuing from Part 1)The movie rating system gets a lot of criticism – most of it deserved.  However, it also gets prematurely dismissed as unhelpful and irrelevant.It’s not irrelevant.  A movie’s rating – even if it is just a highly subjective label from a panel of people you’ve never met – still presents information about that movie.There is a big difference between a PG movie and a NC-17 movie, for example, even when the boundaries of each individual rating may be a little vague.  Bor … [Read more...]