Some Pagan Thoughts on Mormonism

As I run the Mormon Portal, Star Foster runs the Pagan Portal here at Patheos. Yes, we have a Pagan Portal, as well as Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Evangelical, etc. (Go to the main page and click on Religion Portals to explore a bit.) She's been putting up thoughts about whichever religious tradition is the weekly focus of our Future of Religion series. She recently posted 13 Things I Like about Mormons. While some of her examples (such as polygamy) might make us say "well, … [Read more...]

A problem with the LDS solution to the Problem of Evil?

There are a few problems with the Mormon solution to the problem of evil. I'm not saying I disbelieve possible LDS solutions, but only to say they don't come without downsides, however slight. First I'll describe the problem of evil (over-simplistically) then I'll address a problem with the LDS response. … [Read more...]