Gospel Doctrine Podcast 26- 1 Kings 3-11 (updated)

Lesson 26: 1 Kings 3-11 [audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/MormonPodcastLesson26.mp3] Having technical issues with the plugin at the moment, but if you click on the download link below, it will open and play without downloading. Download link is now visible again, and here's the direct link to the audio file. http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/MormonPodcastLesson26.mp3Right-click here to download. Transcript link [opening clip by Loreena McKennit, "Marco … [Read more...]

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Gospel Doctrine Podcast 24- 2 Samuel 11-12, Psalm 51 (u)

Lesson 24- 2 Samuel 11-12, Psalm 51[audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/MormonPodcast8.mp3]Right-click here to download.(Opening clip- Allegri, Miserere Mei, King's College Choir.)Transcript (trying something new with the transcript. Let me know what you think.)Notes and references … [Read more...]

The First and Great Commandment

“Master, which is the great commandment in the law?" asked the Pharisees.Jesus answered,  "Thou Shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all they soul, and with all thy mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.  On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”I like this exchange between Jesus and his detractors quite a lot.  I like that Jesus has given us one unifying concept for all … [Read more...]

Gospel Doctrine Podcast Lesson 23- 1 Samuel 18-24 (updated)

Lesson 23- 1 Samuel 18-24 [audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/MormonPodcast7.mp3] Right click here to download.Transcript (wasn't linked before)Notes and References … [Read more...]

Gospel Doctrine Lesson 23: “The Lord Be Between Thee and Me For Ever”

One of the most famous stories of the Old Testament includes the account of David killing the Philistine Goliath.  This event serves as an important segue to Lesson 23 in the Sunday School curriculum for the Old Testament.  This lesson covers the origins of the Davidic monarchy and king Saul’s fall from divine favor.  From a literary perspective, David’s victory over Goliath served an important political purpose in terms of the book of Samuel.The material from 1 Samuel 8 through 2 Samuel 8 fo … [Read more...]

Gospel Doctrine Podcast Lesson 22, 1 Samuel 9-17

[audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/MormonPodcast6.mp3] Right click here to download.Below are the podcast notes on Lesson 22, 1 Samuel 9-17. … [Read more...]

Lesson 22: “The Lord Looketh on the Heart”

Gospel Doctrine Lesson 22 presents students with an invitation to see others in the way God sees them, by looking carefully at the human soul rather than a person’s physical appearance.  The lesson title derives from the story of the anointing of David as king over Israel, when the Lord declared unto the prophet Samuel,"Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but th … [Read more...]

Podcast on Gospel Doctrine lesson 21- 1 Samuel 1-3, 8

Another one! We just keep coming. As always, if you like it, share it. Tell your Gospel Doctrine teacher, your family, those poor people stuck in Primary and Nursery who crave mental stimulation, etc.....[audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/MormonPodcast5.mp3]Right-click to download here.Here are the notes and references which turn out to be relatively short today. They may not make much sense without the podcast itself. … [Read more...]

Gospel Doctrine Podcast lesson 20- Ruth!

[audio:http://media.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Media/MormonPodcast4.mp3] Hit play above, or right click here to download.I present for your intellectual stimulation... Ruth. And it's a good one. By skipping lessons 18-19, I hope our podcasts now match up with most lesson schedules.See below for notes and references. … [Read more...]

Lesson 14: “Ye Shall Be A Peculiar Treasure Unto Me”

Food serves as one of the most profound symbols throughout the standard works. Without food, both human beings and animals cannot survive.  Life upon this planet literally depends upon an ability to consume physical nourishment.  Hence, providing food for an individual (or even an animal) demonstrates that the giver holds the life of the recipient to be of considerable value.Important episodes appear throughout the Old Testament, which demonstrate God’s love for his children by means of food.  … [Read more...]