The most important, most overlooked, most easy and most superlative tool in scripture study: Part 3 (updated)

(This likely represents my last post here.)Update- some of the text of this long post disappeared when I first posted it, but it's been reinserted and set off.Part 1 of the series and Part 2My note-taking mechanism consist of two things*:  Evernote and  a pocket notebook. I'll explain what they are, and how I use them to keep track of all my Church and scripture notes.Evernote is a free very easy note-taking program. I haven't used Evernote competitors like MS Onenote,  Si … [Read more...]

The most important, most overlooked, most easy and most superlative tool in scripture study: Part 2

(Part 1) I have my functional stylish desk, sharpened pencils, scriptures and a clean slate.... and there it sits, stubbornly remaining that way... blank.Many people just don't know what to write in their notes, which often means that they haven't really crossed the line from scripture reading into scripture study. (The problem with scripture study is you can often barely get through a verse without running down all kinds of interesting rabbit trails, questions, etc.) … [Read more...]

The most important, most overlooked, most easy and most superlative tool in scripture study: Part 1

It's happened to you before. Lots, actually. You're reading the scriptures, and say "hey, I read something about this that was cool/insightful/important! I wish I'd written it down, because I can't really remember it."Or you're on a blog, trying to recall that perfectly a propos statement you’ve read, but you can't even remember when you read it or what the title was, or even if it was print vs. electronic and googling is no help at all.Or you made some notes somewhere on a lesson you had to … [Read more...]

Quotes of Note- Presidents Hinckley and Uchtdorf on Books and Reading

President Hinckley, cited in The Voice of My Servants, p. 61: "I confess that I am constantly appalled by the scarcity of my knowledge, and the one resentment I think I carry concerns the many pressing demands which limit the opportunity for reading." Speaking to BYU graduates, he said, There is a tendency on the part of some graduates to say, `Now all of that is behind me.' No, there is much more ahead than there is behind. We live in a world where knowledge is developing at an … [Read more...]

Contributing to the Ensign- Interesting Guidelines

I was looking for something in the Ensign, and noticed two little links at the bottom, "Submit an article to the Ensign. View our updated content submission guidelines."Really? Open submissions? Apparently so. How long has this been going on?The submission guidelines have some interesting things. For example, under the "General Ongoing Needs" section, one sees the first of several desired categories is "By Study and by Faith: These Church history and other academic or scriptural articles are … [Read more...]

Quotes of Note- Marion D. Hanks and Theological Illiterates

“No one knows anything about Christ’s work simply by being born a member of the Church, and often he knows little about it after years of unmotivated exposure in meetings or classes. He must learn. And learning involves self-investment and effort. The gospel should be studied ‘as carefully as any science.’ The ‘literature of the Church’ must be ‘acquired and read.’ Our learning should be increased in our spare time ‘day by day.’ Then as we put the gospel truth to work in daily life, we will … [Read more...]