Announcing Joanna Brooks and other columnists

Joanna Brooks has brought Ask Mormon Girl to Patheos as the first column on the Mormon Portal.Joanna is an English professor at  San Diego State, and we're happy to welcome her and her perspectives. (More at MormonScholarsTestify) If you have a question for the Ask Mormon Girl column, send it to askmormongirlATgmailDOTcomWe'll be adding at least two more columnists in the very near future, so check back to see. AMG and the other columns will live just below the rotator on the main Mormon … [Read more...]

First the baby, then marriage

A friend of mine recently told me about some acquaintances of hers that just had their second child, but aren’t married because they don’t feel they can afford to get married. I thought it sounded crazy. If anything’s expensive, it’s having kids! (The calculator tells me it’ll cost over $300,000 to raise each of my kids.)Apparently this phenomenon is common. The 2010 U.S. census results are in, and for the first time there was a question on cohabitation. They found that 28 … [Read more...]

Review: Reid L. Neilson, “Early Mormon Missionary Activities in Japan, 1901-1924”

Title: Early Mormon Missionary Activities in Japan, 1901-1924 Author: Reid L. Neilson Publisher: University of Utah Press Genre: Mormon Studies Year: 2010 Pages: 214 ISBN13: 9780874809893 Binding: PaperbackHeber J. Grant, Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, had disappointing news to share at the Church’s October 1903 General Conference. “I know that the Latter-day Saints have been greatly interested in the mission I was called to preside over, and I regret I am n … [Read more...]

Review: Terry Eagleton’s “Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate”

Title: Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate Author: Terry Eagleton Publisher: Yale University Press Genre: Religion Year: 2009 Pages: 185 ISBN13: 9780300164534 Binding: Soft cover (2010) Price: 16.00 “Religion has wrought untold misery in human affairs. For the most part, it has been a squalid tale of bigotry, superstition, wishful thinking, and oppressive ideology. I therefore have a good deal of sympathy with its rationalist and humanist critics” (xi). So Terry Eagleton … [Read more...]

Liveblogging Priesthood Session

Patheos will liveblog Priesthood Session on Saturday night. (Coverage of the apparently mandatory pre-session ice-cream/testosterone gathering  will not be provided.) As for previous conferences, short bios and near-instant identification of quoted scriptures will be embedded into the liveblogging.Check it out here. … [Read more...]

“How long have you been eighteen?” “Fifteen years”- Local Mormon vampires

A friend of mine wrote and acted in this, and it won a local LDS video contest. It's got some New York insider jokes and references (Duck Beach is a non-Church-sponsored "Mormon Spring Break" for example.) Plus it has my cousin Colette in it.When it came out, I'd been thinking about vampires and Mormons, and recruited Heidi Harris to write this great bit on Mormon vampires. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

“When the Bishop called and asked me to upload my talk last week…”

The Church is moving pretty quickly on new tech. New with snazzy maps and picture uploading. New LEED-certified meetinghouses. But I want an "iPulpit" :) This is a real product from Little Mountain Productions, and they call it the iPodium. I don't care so much what it's called. iWantOne (but don't even own an iPad and probably won't for the foreseeable future.) I could give my talk AND control some nice overheads onto the screen behind me at Church. Seriously, if we can have visuals in … [Read more...]

Book Review- “Heaven: A History”

It's not clear to me whether John Lennon realized he was proposing his own sort of Heaven when he wrote the classic ballad "Imagine," but that's what he was doing. He invites us to "imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try" and describes a world of peace and love, a sort of heaven on earth. The longing for peace in a heavenly place has led poets and prophets throughout the centuries to write, paint, sing and talk about Heaven. Professors of religious studies Colleen McDannell (University … [Read more...]

Using Logos as a Mormon- What to Buy

I know there are some other LDS Logos users, and perhaps others who are interested but wondering about the whys and whats.Edit: Logos4 for Mac will officially leave beta in October. Logos is having a giveaway to publicize it.Why use an electronic library?Carry around 200,000 or 200,000,000 pages of text in your iPhone or laptop or cramped Brooklyn apartment. Search them. All of them. In less than .25 seconds. For any reference to Amos 3:7, or Abraham, or anything else you can dream … [Read more...]

Clayton Christensen on the Well-Lived Life

Well-known Mormon author and Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen was quoted at length in David Brooks's New York Times column, called "The Summoned Self."Brooks contrasts two ways of thinking about one's life: the "Well-Planned Life" and the "Summoned Life." Brooks suggests that Christensen typifies the former, based on Christensen's recent Commencement Address. Brooks writes: Christensen is a serious Christian. At university, he was the starting center on his basketball … [Read more...]