Muslims Indeed Have a Sense of Humor

GASP! MUSLIMS HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR? - Ahmed Ahmed's limited comedy tour began on Friday, and with it comes comedy when you need it most. Comedy about Muslims, but for everyone. … [Read more...]

Let the Mosque be Built in Tennessee

ENOUGH WITH THE ISLAMOPHOBIA, LET THE MOSQUE BE BUILT - In Murfreesboro, Tennessee, one citizen writes about the city's battle against the construction of a mosque and about scapegoating of the city's Muslim community and begs everyone to let it go. Let the mosque be built. Wise words. … [Read more...]

GOP Candidates Take a Stand Against Shariah

IF YOU ARE NOT CONCERNED WITH SHARIAH LAW SWEEPING THROUGH AMERICA, YOU ARE NOT A GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE - A USA Today column addresses the growing insanity with states presenting anti-shariah laws and how if one is to be considered a legitimate GOP political candidate, they must take a stand against shariah law - fear mongering at it's best. … [Read more...]

Yemini Photographer Turns her Camera on Americans

YEMINI PHOTOGRAPHER TURNS HER LENS ON LIFE IN AMERICA - A young Yemini photographer is embarking on a project to photograph young Americans and compare them with young Yeminis. … [Read more...]

Herman Cain Says Muslims Must Take a Loyalty Oath

POLITICIAN SAYS IF MUSLIMS WERE TO WORK IN HIS CABINET, THEY WOULD HAVE TO TAKE A LOYALTY OATH - Presidential candidate Herman Cain in an interview with Glen Beck (surprise, surprise) said he would have Muslim appointees to his cabinet (on the off chance he was elected president) take a loyalty oath to prove they believe in the constitution, and the constituion only. Only Muslims would need to take such an oath. Not Mormons, not Catholics. Are you kidding me? … [Read more...]

Weight Lifter Wants to Compete And be Covered Up

WEIGHT LIFTER WANTS TO COVER UP - First the Iran women's soccer team was banned from competition by FIFA because of their headscarves, and now a weight lifter is fighting to compete while wearing clothes that cover her as well as wearing a headscarf. This is an issue that will not go away folks. Let them compete. … [Read more...]

How to Get That Muslimah of Your Dreams to Marry You

TOP 11 WAYS TO IMPRESS A MUSLIMAH FOR MARRIAGE - Do you have what it takes? According to this blog post, don't ask a Muslimah if she can cook, and show her you care by calling her back! These are some of the tips to getting the girl of your dreams to marry you. Do you agree? Personally, number five on this list is iffy -- I like my husband's sense of humor ... within reason! … [Read more...]

Can GOP Win By Alienating Muslim Voters?

CAN GOP AFFORD TO CONTINUE ALIENATING MUSLIM VOTERS? - With the 2012 elections fast approaching, the many Tea Partiers and many in the GOP continue to spread Islamaphobia, thereby alienating Muslim voters. Will that prove to be a winning strategy? Precendence seems to say no. … [Read more...]

Headscarves Banned by FIFA

NO 2012 OLYMPICS FOR IRANIAN WOMEN'S SOCCER TEAM - The verdict came down from FIFA before a cruial Olympic-qualifying game Iran was to play in Amman, Jordan on Friday. Because the Iranian women wore a tight headscarf as part of their athletic uniform, FIFA disqualified them. Now headscarves are banned by FIFA - because it's a safety issue? Please. … [Read more...]