What on Earth? Earth Day, God, and the Apocalypse (Rev. 21:1-6)

Adam Copeland

By Rev. Adam J. Copeland How Religious Leaders Are Taking Charge of the Environmental Congregations should be leading the environmental movement, says the Rev. Canon Sally G. Bingham, president of the Regeneration Project. Interfaith Power & Light, which mobilizes a religious response to global warming, promotes energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Have you ever heard someone described as, “So heavenly minded, he was no earthly good?” … [Read more...]

Signs That the End Is Near: Mark 13:1-8

By Adam J. Copeland No matter the tragedy these days, some religious leader or blogger will attempt to connect it to God’s judgment. Some say superstorm Sandy was God’s wrath on liberal New York and New Jersey. Others fault 9/11 on “the homosexual agenda,” whatever that is. Many argue July’s shooting in Aurora, Colorado, would have been prevented were it not for liberals or conservatives. Relying on Faith, Gerritsen Beach Residents Weather Hurricane Sandy … [Read more...]