Acts 10: 44-48: Holy Calamity

By Rev. David LewickiWe were warned.In the second chapter of the Book of Acts, after a resurrected Jesus leaves the scene for good, the first disciples are hanging out, waiting for God-knows-what. What, exactly, does one wait for after you’ve just seen your dead friend come back to life and eat a piece of fish (Luke 24)?Watch the Video: Faces of Poverty: A War VeteranAfter serving in Iraq, a young father returns to Reading, Pa. and battles unemployment as he and h … [Read more...]

Mark 1:14-20: A Call Worthy of Their Lives

By Greg CareyReaders almost always gravitate to the same question. Why do Simon and Andrew, then James and John after them, abandon everything to follow Jesus? Mark leaves no doubt as to the immediacy of their response. Seeing Simon and Andrew casting for fish, Jesus says, “Follow after me, and I will make you to be fishers for people.” And immediately, Mark emphasizes, they leave their nets and follow Jesus. Likewise, Jesus immediately calls James and John while they are mending their net … [Read more...]