Jesus’ Death and the Future of Violence: Mark 9:30-37

By Matthew L. SkinnerIf pondering Jesus’ crucifixion doesn’t make you uncomfortable, you probably aren’t doing it right.I’m not referring to the gore and humiliation, which makes crucifixion repulsive no matter who the victim is.Watch the Video: ON Scripture: Jesus Predicts His DeathMatthew Skinner, assistant professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary, discusses the Biblical text Mark 9:30-37, featured in the ON Scripture The Bible article, "Jesus’ Death and the Fut … [Read more...]

Matthew 22:15-22: The Heavy Cost Of Paying “The Emperor”

By Matthew L. SkinnerIt couldn’t hurt for Jesus to show up and weigh in on America’s current economic and political challenges. It might be helpful if he issued a declaration about who should pay taxes, and how much. Then again, this would likely get him killed all over again. … [Read more...]