Fast, Easy Gift for Mother’s Day

“God draws a circle around everyone of us,” a monk said on our visit to the monastery.  “Some people have big circles, some people have smaller ones.  Your job is always the same: love the people in that circle.”

I heard those words as a new mom and knew he was talking straight to my heart.  Becoming a mother often means shrinking your circle.  Love your spouse, love some other people with what extra space you have, and love those little babies like crazy.

Mothers day is a time to remember the person who held you right in her circle, and made sacrifices to keep you there.

Children are life’s biggest reminders that we have circles around us.  We have limits.  We are limited in what we can accomplish in a lifetime, limited in our control over another human’s life, limited in how well our brain works (especially on four hours of sleep), limited in physical and emotional endurance, limited in days and hours and minutes.

Writing This Ordinary Adventure with my husband gave me a chance to speak to mothers.  That includes new moms in the “baby slave” years, further-along moms making sure they didn’t pass up important dreams, later-years moms reflecting on the oak trees they’ve planted over many years of faithful obedience.

For a fast and easy Mothers Day present for the wife, mother, sister, grandma, or other woman you know who is faithfully loving the people in her circle, we’d love to get you a signed copy of This Ordinary Adventure.

This Mother’s Day, you can get one copy for $10, three for $25 or five for $40. Free shipping!

Email us here to order and make a mom happy.

P.S. You can also get signed copies of Into the Mud: Inspiration for Everyday Activists, True Stories from Africa for the same price.



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