One Thousand Six Hundred … and still going!

“The font will not suffice to save us unless after coming from it, we display a life worthy of the Gift.”

— St John Chrysostom, Homily 13 on Romans

“For he who feels the tooth of slander, gives by his vexation a proof that he is conscious of the truth of what is said. But he who smiles at it, by this very thing acquits himself of all suspicion with those who are present…flee from the abyss of a little mind.”

— St John Chrysostom, HOMILY 13 on Romans

One thousand six hundred years after his death, St John Chrysostom remains one of Orthodoxy’s most venerated church fathers, theologians, moralists, and liturgists. Fr Josiah Trenham sheds light on this great Saint in an hour long interview with the Illumined Heart Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

It’s well worth your time.

Go HERE and scroll to September 23rd’s Podcast.

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