The President formerly known as Ronnie

I entered college in the fall of 1979. My family had always belonged to the Democratic party. I feared Ronald Reagan. I truly believed that his election meant the beginning of the end of the world. It was the Cold War. Everyone was a bit edgy.Back in the day, those of us in the dorm played a card game, Rook, every night. (Yes, Mom, every night.) There was a promising rock star who was a favorite on the dorm floor: Prince. Prince's song, "Ronnie Talk to Russia," came to mind yesterday … [Read more...]

The Two Trees (2 of 33)

[Meditations are intended to be read sequentially, from 1 to 33.]Again in the Wilderness ...Our mouths are dry, our bellies empty. What shall we do to quench our thirst? To quell our appetites? To refresh our souls?We stare into the abundant garden. Our eyes receive a feast, our mouths and bellies cry out, "Yes!" And our soul must follow as our feet move toward the Garden. We are hesitant. Yet, remembering the vision of the Hill, our pace is quickened.The Garden, though seemingly … [Read more...]

The Two Trees (1 of 33)

[Meditations are intended to be read sequentially, from 1 to 33.]Let us travel into the Wilderness ...Ahead, through the blinding, haze, nothing appears. All is naught, all is night.To our left is a garden, an oasis of calm tranquility. It is a beautiful garden. In the middle of the garden stands a tree. It is the most beautiful tree -- tall and strong with abundant fruit.Ahead is the Wilderness. To our left, the Garden.When we look opposite the Garden, to the right of the … [Read more...]

The Peeler, the Hound & the Addict

At present, before the day of judgment comes, even though the Spirit cannot dwell within those who are unworthy, He nevertheless is present in a limited way with those who have been baptized, hoping that their conversion will result in salvation. – St Basil the Great, On the Holy Spirit In Flannery O’Connor’s short story, The Peeler, the main character, Hazel Motes, is on a journey. It’s a spiritual journey which he has confused as a carnal tour. Along the way, he encounters a blind evan … [Read more...]