REVIEW: An Orthodox Response to “Same-Sex Unions”

What is the relationship between morality and the Eucharist? Do our actions, outside of the church building, define who we are in Christ? Essentially, does our bodily relationship with self and others affect our communion with the Other? These are the issues addressed by Fr Philip LeMasters in his book, Toward a Eucharistic Vision of Church, Family, Marriage and Sex. Given that “same-sex unions” is the hot topic of the day, this review will center on chapter six of the book.Midway down the op … [Read more...]

Fr Danislav! You Are Not a Woman!

The recent media blitz about a former Olympic star so-called TRANSITIONING into the opposite sex is just kook-koo. Absolutely NUTS. And totally … not new.First of all – confusion about sex is nothing new. A note to the younger crowd, I don’t typically use the term GENDER, which traditionally refers to language (as in le and la in French), I use the word SEX to refer to male or female or, of course, an act that may produce children - other males and females. If none of this makes sense, you ma … [Read more...]

Aaron Copland, a Muslim, and the Resurrection of the Common

A priest walks into a convenience store to buy gas for his car; it’s Good Friday, Orthodox style. The Royal Hours have been completed and, back at the church, the body of the Savior adorns the Cross in the midst of the Temple.The clerk behind the counter says, “Ah … last Friday was a big day for you, huh?”“You mean Good Friday?” I asked – “Actually, ours is today. I’m Orthodox.”“Wait. Didn’t the Catholics have theirs last week?” he said.“Yeah, the Orthodox Church calculates the da … [Read more...]

My Big Fat Weak Fasting (Or Speaking Wookie During Lent)

I’ve been thinking:  Don’t make Lenten Resolutions – that is not profitable. Just do what the Church prescribes! Better yet, REPENT. (Whatever that means.)Stuff pops into my head; often I am to blame – as I set not a watch at the door. I leave the door of my mind unlocked – if not fully open. Even when I make an effort to set a guard, I do so sloppily – as if I am some prize for the demons and not, as I truly am, just a garden variety old sinner.I don’t believe in reincarnation – and yet … [Read more...]