WALSINGHAM: Pilgrimage to the Slipper Chapel


More pics from the UK.Previous editions: One, Two, Three, Four.Click images to enlarge. … [Read more...]

ARMAGH: Patrick, Patrick, and Dobby?

Air B&B accommodations.  Fab or what?

Today I traveled back to England from Ireland; here are some scenes from yesterday's jaunt to Armargh, the See of Patrick. My driver was my host, Mary accompanied by her dog, Bailey.Earlier galleries: Glastonbury-1, Glastonbury-2, and Downpatrick.Click pics to enlarge. … [Read more...]

IRELAND: A Shamrock, A Shipwreck, And a Wardrobe

I'd heard it was green, but flying into Ireland offered beautiful confirmation.

I'm in the UK for a spell; started out in Glastonbury (Part 1 and Part 2), now in and around Belfast.Click the images to enlarge. … [Read more...]

Glastonbury – Part 2

Visiting the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, I was encouraged to check out the only building still fully standing:  The Chapel of St Patrick.  (The tower of St John Church can be seen in the distance.)

Here's some pics from my second day in Glastonbury. You may find Part One - HERE.Click to enlarge. … [Read more...]