INTERVIEW: Orthodox Christian Supply


 1. Who is Orthodox Christian Supply and how did your company get its start?Our company grew out of our love for Orthodoxy beauty. The staple product offered by Orthodox Christian Supply, our traditional panel icon, was the catalyst for beginning our business. This was the case in that we really wanted to present a reproduction icon to the market that still maintained many of the qualities and presence of icons painted throughout antiquity. We have been making this product for … [Read more...]

Why Doesn’t God Heal Me?


Fresh from the Antiochian Clergy Symposium on "Medicine, Theology, and Healing," here's some thoughts from Sunday's sermon at St Joseph/Houston on Jesus' healing of the Paralytic, and that which matters most. The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.  … [Read more...]

A Three-Peat on Clergy Feet


With the election of a new Metropolitan for the Antiochians and fresh-from-seminary newly ordained men throughout the Church, one thing’s for sure: Their feet are the same as, well, yours! Here’s a three-peat on clay feet.The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio!   Image Source  … [Read more...]

Ordained by Waffle House (Who are YOU with?)


An honest to goodness email from a real person: Hi Father Joseph!How are you? At the fair last week someone asked me "Who are you with?" and I thought of your book.I was waiting for the pig races to start and the family next to me was talking about, of all things, confession. The mom was talking about how going to a Catholic university she saw the ridiculousness of religion in how everyone used confession to basically do what they wanted.I was worried primarily for her two teens, so … [Read more...]