An Interview in Pictures: “Fire From Ashes”


On the Ex Libris podcast, Bobby Maddex interviews Fr Joseph Huneycutt and Steve Robinson, authors of the new Ancient Faith Publishing book Fire from Ashes: The Reality of Perpetual Conversion. The captions above are the Questions ... for the Answers - listen to the interview HERE. … [Read more...]

The Silent Holocaust – The Persecution of Christians in the Middle East


The Orthodox Clergy Association of Southeast Texas is sponsoring a gathering at St George/Houston tomorrow evening, Friday - September 5th, concerning the situation in the Middle East:"The Silent Holocaust - The Persecution of Christians in the Middle East"Fr George Dahdouh and I were interviewed by a local public radio station yesterday as a way of getting the word out.Your prayers!You can skip ahead 7 minutes or so ... to bypass the Assyrian woman's speech at a rally (if you … [Read more...]

The Things You Do When You Don’t Want To Do the Things You Ought To Do


Back when I was young, summers were free -- Alice Cooper sang about school being out FOREVER -- and the warm days of class-less youth were spent in the sun, at the beach, on family vacation, perhaps the mountains, with more TV than normal and, of course, general boredom disguised as perfect freedom.These days, not so much. The public schools assign HOMEWORK over the summer!My son, now a junior in high school, had to read three books -- but he had June, July, and most of August to do … [Read more...]

“Hebbin – Yes, Debbil – No” (And Other Great Sermons)


Ever wonder where sermons come from?The answer is, of course, a good hot shower … but more on that later.Currently, I’ve got a homelitical dilemma playing out …You see, I’m the Candy Man.I got this idea years ago from an old priest up at Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville – NY. Fr Vasiliy was kinda scary looking – yet, all the children came running up to him to get a blessing. Odd. I found him a bit intimidating! But there were all the kids bringing a smile to his face as he bles … [Read more...]