Glastonbury – Part 2

Visiting the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, I was encouraged to check out the only building still fully standing:  The Chapel of St Patrick.  (The tower of St John Church can be seen in the distance.)

Here's some pics from my second day in Glastonbury. You may find Part One - HERE.Click to enlarge. … [Read more...]

Glastonbury (Part 1)

Day One - Sabbat 073

I'm on a bit of a sabbatical in the United Kingdom.  Your prayers!First stop:  Glastonbury, England.Click on the images to enlarge. … [Read more...]

Raise ‘em, Clap ‘em, Thump Wid ‘em (Shadow Puppets?): What am I to do with my hands during Liturgy?


It’s a common scene: A man or woman walks into their first Divine Liturgy and they are totally lost.  What are they to do with their hands?When I was growing up in the Baptist Church, once one got seated in the pew, it was time to use the hands to dig in mom’s purse for some candy or gum.This, of course, is not allowed in Orthodox Temples.  In fact, no food except the Eucharist and Antidoron should be consumed in the Temple.When I got older, we tweens would sit in the back and use our … [Read more...]

MARY: Rejoice, O thou Spring of life for all men


It was 1989; I was in my first year of seminary. Browsing the bookstore one morning I found a book illustrated by Fr John Matusiak called Orthodox Clipart. Therein was a drawing of Mary in a font with Christ in her lap. I was captivated by what I thought was a beautiful illustration of baptism: birth and rebirth. I bought the book and excitedly showed the wife. Two things happened thanks to that purchase: 1) We commissioned an icon of that image from an iconographer we met in Madison, Wisconsin; … [Read more...]