Houston, We Have a Bathroom Problem?


By now, no doubt, most have heard about the Houston Bathroom Kerfuffle.I rarely mention the loo in sermons << and I held a serious pause after even writing that!But I suspect that bathrooms have been mentioned quite a bit of late in the pulpits of ol' H-Town.The problem is much bigger than the John, though.  It may even predate the need to "move" altogether.Here's the blurb and link to yesterday's sermon:Houston made the news recently—a story involving local le … [Read more...]

An Orange Book in Orange County


I was blessed to be with the fine folks of St Luke Orthodox Church, Garden Grove, California for a retreat -- Fire From Ashes -- last Saturday.The trip also served as a daddy-daughter date with my 12 year old.  Think 12 hours:  Disneyland :POther than the Antiochian Archdiocese Convention -- Palm Desert, 2009 -- it was my first time back in Southern California in 30 years.I lived in Pasadena one summer, back in 1982, and in Buena Park during the fall and winter, 1983-84.This p … [Read more...]

Kronstadt Not: Fr Danislav’s Hoaxters House of Industry


So I’m sitting in my office at church, glancing – every now and then – out of my window, awaiting the faithful to show for Adult Class on a Tuesday morning.There’s a homeless guy.He’s staggering up the drive toward the church.He’s drinking a tall can of beer.It’s 9:40 AM.I observe him … one big gulp … 2nd gulp … 3 sip’s a charm … AARGH! Breakfast of champions.He then crushes the can and flings it into the church yard.Then, forgive me this, right in the church driveway … [Read more...]

When Stephen King Delivers the News


It was a dark and gloomy morning, 5:10 AM, before the light of day, the branches of live oaks arching over the streets of Southwest Houston …Off in the distance … a Van, with only one living headlight shining cock-eyed; the 1980’s vehicle is swerving from side to side scrambling down the street, tires squealing -- slowing, stopping, starting -- darting, all the while humming projectiles from open windows.As it lumbers closer (wait. lumbers is not quite right) as it CAREENS CLOSER, I push … [Read more...]