IRELAND: A Shamrock, A Shipwreck, And a Wardrobe

I’m in the UK for a spell; started out in Glastonbury (Part 1 and Part 2), now in and around Belfast. Click the images to enlarge. [Read more…]

Glastonbury – Part 2

Here’s some pics from my second day in Glastonbury. You may find Part One – HERE. Click to enlarge. [Read more…]

Glastonbury (Part 1)

I’m on a bit of a sabbatical in the United Kingdom.  Your prayers! First stop:  Glastonbury, England. Click on the images to enlarge. [Read more…]

Raise ‘em, Clap ‘em, Thump Wid ‘em (Shadow Puppets?): What am I to do with my hands during Liturgy?

It’s a common scene: A man or woman walks into their first Divine Liturgy and they are totally lost.  What are they to do with their hands? When I was growing up in the Baptist Church, once one got seated in the pew, it was time to use the hands to dig in mom’s purse [Read More…]

MARY: Rejoice, O thou Spring of life for all men

It was 1989; I was in my first year of seminary. Browsing the bookstore one morning I found a book illustrated by Fr John Matusiak called Orthodox Clipart. Therein was a drawing of Mary in a font with Christ in her lap. I was captivated by what I thought was a beautiful illustration of baptism: [Read More…]

Kalo Pascha from Mine to Yours!

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Metropolitan Philip — A Few Stories

Some reminiscences about Metropolitan Philip prior to the Trisagion for the Departed at St Joseph Church, Houston – Sunday of the Cross, March 23, 2014 on …   The Orthodixie Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio! [Read more…]

HOUSTON: Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers, 2014

Living as an Orthodox Christian in a Secular Society – Fr Daniel Payne, Associate Pastor of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, preaches during the Houston Orthodox Clergy Association‘s annual Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers at St Joseph Church, Houston (March 9, 2014). Audio:  HERE Click images to ENLARGE. Choir Rehearsal before the service; Andy Ghiz directing.   [Read More…]

Four Fridays in March, Six Days of Creation

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St Joseph/Houston – Icons Installed

From the St Joseph Photo Gallery; photos by Eddie Brega. Click the image to enlarge.   [Read more…]