Secession in the South

Sanctioned homosexual unions elsewhere have led to a new movement of secession in the South as mentioned in this article from World Net Daily. … [Read more...]

Gay … But Not Funny

[The following article appeared in The Word magazine, May 2004 (Vol.48;No.5).] Students of the art of comedy know that for humour to work it must bear some semblance to the truth. One truth about humour: it’s usually at someone’s expense. Something you find funny, someone else finds offensive, and vice versa. The subject of sex is like that. Though not entirely humourous, it’s possible for any discussion of sex to be offensive. Ours is an overly-sexed, overly sensitive, age. And all of us … [Read more...]


I once heard a priest, speaking on some of the nuttiness within Orthodox Convert circles, claim: "Shine a light bright enough and even the bugs will come." For me, this was true of what I now know as Gnosticism. Some of us, through no special intent or talent, seem to have a built in Decoder Ring for the esoteric and metaphysical sciences. This is not to say, at least in my case, that there is always understanding nor just mere attraction. Rather, it's part of the thing that is the thing. … [Read more...]

DaVinci Code, Lost Gospels … the Lost

I've a confession to make: I am on my final pages of Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco (1988), which -- so I hear -- is the fictional forerunner of the plethora of recently published books which include Gnosticism, Knight's Templar lore, Rosicrucianism, etc. A further confession: I've skipped about every 10th word due to ignorance :)The above link's article goes a long way in splashing some nice cold water on some old, old fires. (Speaking of old fires, some day I'll have to recount my … [Read more...]