Beltane for Kids

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Beltane - it's one of the biggest holidays of the Pagan year, rivaled only by Samhain.  And yet for many, it is one of the most difficult holidays to relate to.  The emphasis placed on  (hetero!)sexual activity and fertility can be alienating for many groups of people, including our own children.  This is not simply a morality issue - whether parents and guardians want their children exposed to sexual themes and imagery - though that certainly is one part of it.  The biggest issue with children a … [Read more...]

Celebrate Earth Day Pagan Style!


Earth day is coming!  This year it falls on Wednesday, April 22nd.  In my part of the Midwest, most schools celebrate Earth Day with the children - followed closely by Arbor Day, a sacred Nebraska tradition!  Here's some ideas to celebrate Earth Day with your children, with an added spiritual element to help them understand why we honor the earth beyond just minimizing global warming.Pick an Earth goddess, and address Her when doing any Earth Day activities Nerthus and Jord are two popular … [Read more...]

What Good is Paganism for Families?


For a large portion of the time I have been Pagan, I have also been a mother.  This surprises some people, both on- and off-line; Paganism has a reputation of being for teenagers and experimenting twenty-somethings.  While I'm very glad those demographics can find something useful in my religion, I honestly feel like it's the best choice for a mother of three from the midwest, too!The best part about Paganism?  Most Pagans are not only open-minded about differences that much of society looks … [Read more...]

The 4 best reads from March

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It's time again for the monthly link round-up of the best articles and resources for Pagan families from around the web.About families and ancestor work, from Witches and Pagans: "Yes, I know the topic of ancestor work can be a controversial one in the pagan community, because so many of us have deceased family members we wouldn’t call on if it was the last option open to us." About birth & death in Paganism, from The Wild Hunt: "Moore has been working for 15 years to make midwifery mo … [Read more...]

Beltane Flowers for our Neighbors

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It's April 1st, and that means that Beltane is only a month away - as one of the biggest holidays in the Pagan community, I know a lot of us are already starting to prepare!  I have such fond memories of May Day growing up, and the traditions associated with it have always lent their charm to my conception of Beltane.  We would craft little baskets, usually filled with candy or other little treats, and leave them on neighbors' doorsteps early in the morning.  At school we usually did the same, an … [Read more...]

5 Things my Kids Taught Me about Beauty


Having children and being a stay at home mom has taught me so many things about life - especially about multitasking!  But as a Pagan parent, one of the most important things my children have taught me is seeing and appreciating the beauty all around me.  Here's the top five things my kids have taught me about beauty:1) Beauty is present in the smallest things.  This past fall, as my son and I walked his older sister to school every morning, we noticed a yellow garden spider.  This spider sta … [Read more...]

What Nights Are For


I lie awake in the dark with my children beside me, one on each side. The little one snuggles with her whole body, the big one with just an outstretched hand. I remember when she followed me in her sleep like a sunflower follows the sun; now when she does that, it usually means she needs another blanket. As I write this, I'm starting the slow process of night-weaning my second child, and it's gotten me thinking on how we sleep. I've done little sleep training, since it's easier to change my own … [Read more...]

When Kids Meet the Gods


A few years ago, my oldest daughter and I picked out a new book to read at bedtime: Odd and the Frost Giants, by Neil Gaiman.  It's a fun book about a Norse boy named Odd who becomes swept up in a grand adventure with Odin, Thor, and Loki; and he meets a few other deities along the way.  My daughter absolutely loved it, and was immediately caught up in this compelling story about Gods that had, so far, only been distant names in grown-up rituals.It was the middle of June, and so one night a h … [Read more...]