Restoration gone Wild, Hunt that is. . .

For a bit over a year we have been outlining the emerging Pagan Restoration, the creation if not renewal of Pagan culture and society and the activism that drives it. Your comments have been very helpful, especially where we don’t agree. It has been a pleasure and an honor to discuss our Way with you. I am deeply grateful for the attention you have given me. However, my own work is shifting. I must consolidate my public writing for a time and so I must say good bye to this wonderful audience.

There is something truly Pagan, something unique and new in our world, that is what we are. We have a unique position in history and I believe we have a special role to play in shaping a successful future for all that lives on this world. Let us build that Pagan Future.

To do so we need to build enduring forms to support our religion. The ability to project our values into the future, cultivate skilled and accountable leadership, defend against encroachment or subversion of our culture, expand and enrich our way of being and worshiping; these are amongst the greater, and harder tasks before us. I look forward to working with you on these inevitable challenges.

Next, I will be continuing my public writing on The Wild Hunt starting May 24th and carrying on every 4th Saturday. The working title is the Arkadian Observer, and I hope to provide historical and theological commentary on contemporary Pagan issues. Hope to see you there…

But for now, Thank you and Goodbye!

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