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The New Existentialist
asks “Why do we like to be scared to death?”

New World Witchery has a podcast special up of “two short ghoulish yarns and a poem of ghastly delight from masters old and new(ish) of the horror genre.” New World Witchery is a highly entertaining, informative and well produced podcast covering historical and modern witchcraft unique to the US.

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VIDEO: Produced by The Onion (parody/humor news site) presents In the Know “Panelists discuss whether Halloween candy and costumes have distracted us from placating demons to ensure a bountiful harvest.”

Thanks T. Thorn Coyle for posting this bit of humor on Twitter.

If you are looking for a thriller outside of the normal Hollywood gorefest or “oh look some” Paranormal Activity “is happening again” 3 then I suggest you watch the psychological thrillerThe Wild Hunt. At a fantasy LARP (Live Action Role Play) event, the participants find themselves facing their animal natures as their recreational weekend becomes a nightmare. It’s an independent Canadian film released in 2009. You can find it at your local video store or on Netflix DVD or streaming.

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