Archives for February 2014

Elemental Castings Interview is Available

I’m pleased to announce that you can listen to my interview with T. Thorn Coyle at Elemental Castings. [Read more…]

Frida and Me

For Frida, art was her creative outlet. Her way of dealing with disabilities. For me, it’s writing. For others, maybe singing. What I know is it’s important to find a way to express yourself. A way to unburden your mind and soul and remind yourself of the cycle of life. [Read more…]

Tough Decisions on Disabilities and Abortion

I’ve read on a few different blogs about a serious concern. As the ability to detect disabilities in fetuses continues to advance, will women be more likely to have an abortion? On one side of the argument is those mothers of disabled children who say they wouldn’t change a thing and love their children as [Read More…]

Guest on Prairie Land Pagan Radio

I am pleased to announce that I will be a guest on Prairie Land Pagan Radio this Sunday at 1 pm Central. Hope you’ll tune in! T. Thorn Coyle interviewed me for her podcast Elemental Castings. It will be up sometime this month. [Read more…]