Call for submissions: a devotional to Njord

(I was given permission by Masery to post this here and get the word out, thank you.)

Of all of the devotionals on the market for different gods and goddesses of the Northern tradition, I have yet to see one specifically dedicated exclusively to Njord, the sea god of the Vanir… a god particularly close to my heart, who has long been dear to me.  His serenity and his wisdom, his generosity, kindness, and gentle humor, have blessed my life over the years.  He has given me and my family gifts of cleansing, renewal, and hope this past year at the Oregon coast, where his presence is powerful; in gratitude, I am stepping up to the plate to put out a devotional book in his honor, a gift of praise, and a way for others to know him and love him.

For this book I am soliciting prayers, poetry, essays on Njord (especially personal experiences with him), and rituals for Njord.  You may make more than one submission – please feel free to submit as much material as you like. This book - The Giving God: a devotional for Njord - will be going out via Ravens Hall Press (Nicanthiel Hrafnhild’s imprint, which released Visions of Vanaheim and will be taking the other three books in my Vanaheim series), with an estimated release date of July/August 2015.  The deadline for submissions is May 1st, 2015.  With your submission I will need:

-the name which you wish to be known under for the book (for example, if you’re writing under a pseudonym)

-a contributor bio

-an address where I can mail a contributor copy when the book is ready for release (see below)

-I will need you to sign a release form, which I will e-mail to you and which can be scanned/photographed and sent to me as an image attachment, or signed via Adobe’s latest release for PDFs, or in lieu of signing a release form, you can in your e-mail (with your submission and info) include a statement of “I hereby authorize Nornoriel Lokason to use this material for his book The Giving God, with credit to (name I have given to use), and fully understand I will not be financially compensated for this material.” signed with your legal name (I will not abuse the info of your legal name, no worries).  For legality purposes I cannot use material of yours if you do not provide me with a release form or a statement in your e-mail authorizing use of your work.

I will provide one contributor copy to each person whose material I use in the book.  Please note that contributing material does not guarantee that it will be included in the book.

You may send your submissions to nornoriel.lokason AT gmail dot com. Please put NJORD DEVOTIONAL in the subject of your e-mail so I know what I’m looking at.

Feel free to spread the word about this book.  Also note that my attitude with this project is that honoring Njord is important, so regardless of who you are, your work is still welcome, it’s about Njord.

Remember that submissions are due no later than May 1st, 2015.


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About Nornoriel Lokason

Nornoriel Lokason is an author, artist, astrologer, and Reiki Master living in New Haven, Connecticut. He has been a pagan and occultist for over twenty years; he is one of the forefathers of the Vanatru movement (writing under the name Svartesol from 2007-2010), and has a Vanatru-specific blog, Roads to Vanaheim at PaganSquare. His main blog is The Serpent’s Labyrinth at WordPress, wherein he blogs about life with spirits and assorted topics. In addition to his work with the Vanir, Nono is a dedicant of Asmodai and lives with a demon companion. He has an Etsy shop showcasing handmade jewelry as well as offering spiritual services to the community. His official website can be found at with a list of forthcoming projects, events he’ll be attending, and so forth.