Drawing strength from nature: by Nornoriel Lokason

This is the second piece of the three-part collaborative series by Staff of Asclepius contributors.

The element that I most have an affinity for, in terms of magical and energy work, is water.  I have only ever lived in coastal states.  I could not live too far inland or someplace like the Midwest because I would feel “landlocked”.

I am fortunate to live within a reasonable driving distance of the Oregon coast, where I have made a few trips with friends of mine, including a couple of powerful workings this past spring.  Cannon Beach is one of the most liminal places I have ever been, if not the most liminal.  It feels, to me, like you are standing in Vanaheim as well as here in Midgard.  Njord’s presence is very strong there.  And the place just radiates with energy, Haystack Rock being a major conduit, a sort of gateway between worlds.  So besides the fact that my energy gets stronger and my magic gets more potent at the ocean, being able to stand between worlds adds to it.  Power flows back and forth between Midgard and Vanaheim.

I also have an affinity for rain and rivers – another reason why the Powers That Be seem to want me here in the Pacific Northwest (by way of California and New England).  I love rainy days, they cleanse and rejuvenate me.  And Portland (my city) is at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers – I’ve felt energy surges down at the waterfront, and when going over the bridges.

My own essence is like the water.  I often seem outwardly calm and “chill” to other people.  I have hidden depths… beneath the sparkle of the waves, is the darkness of the bottom of the sea, with monstrous creatures that dwell there.  I have been through a lot of painful, traumatic stuff in my life, and yet somehow I keep going, relentless as the tides crashing onto the shore.  A lot of people say that they feel peaceful around me… not unlike being at the sea, or watching the rain fall softly out a window.  And I am a giver.  I’ve had to be careful with this, and more guarded in recent times, because I’ve had people drain me dry.  But I am ever flowing, pouring myself out in what I do.

The magic that I work is like that too… hidden depths, waves that build momentum, rolling forward, rolling back, rolling forward again… lots of sparkle… beauty.  Transforming the soft way that water does, rather than the shaking of earth or the burning of fire.  Absorbing, diluting, transmuting, cleansing.

On a mundane level, water helps a lot with the anxiety I experience living with PTSD, with the disregulated emotions I experience living with borderline personality disorder.  When I am feeling triggered, taking a shower helps calm me down; I am a fan of taking showers by candlelight to further relax me.  If a shower is not practical for whatever reason (I don’t want to run up the water bill), drinking water or running my hands under cold water helps.  I love going for walks in the rain – when I first moved to Portland, I would walk rain or shine, and indeed, going out walking in the rain was a way I coped with a stressful living situation and bad feelings in the wake of a major life upheaval.  Being by water – river, the ocean – relaxes me.

When I watch the tides, or the river running, I am reminded that life goes on.

When I am out in the rain, I am reminded that life is cyclical – sometimes sun, sometimes rain… and whatever unpleasantness I am dealing with, will eventually pass.  It reminds me that it is OK to cry, to let it out, let it go.

The river wending its way to the sea reminds me of the way of wyrd.

And the flow of water is just… soothing.  Pretty.  It is a piece of beauty in the world.  Living poetry.

I drink it in, and let it flow, let my troubles wash away, at least for that moment in time.


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About Nornoriel Lokason

Nornoriel Lokason is an author, artist, astrologer, and Reiki Master living in New Haven, Connecticut. He has been a pagan and occultist for over twenty years; he is one of the forefathers of the Vanatru movement (writing under the name Svartesol from 2007-2010), and has a Vanatru-specific blog, Roads to Vanaheim at PaganSquare. His main blog is The Serpent’s Labyrinth at WordPress, wherein he blogs about life with spirits and assorted topics. In addition to his work with the Vanir, Nono is a dedicant of Asmodai and lives with a demon companion. He has an Etsy shop showcasing handmade jewelry as well as offering spiritual services to the community. His official website can be found at http://www.nornoriellokason.com with a list of forthcoming projects, events he’ll be attending, and so forth.