Black and white sketch of Masery by Arkayne Magii.

Image: Black and white sketch of Masery by M. R. Miller.

Tara “Masery” Miller, editor and lead contributor

I have Turner Mosaic, which created a massive failure of my endocrine system and caused many health problems. I also have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I am now considered medically disabled. Disabled was not an easy word to be associated with, and it wasn’t until I accepted this that I began to find ways of living a fuller life.

I’ve been a Pagan since I was eighteen, but I’ve practiced meditation since I was twelve. I consider myself to be a panentheist Gaian mage who has a deep relationship with the Goddess Gaia. I’ve been involved with Pagan Pride Day, the Pagan Leaders Recommended Reading list with Elizabeth Barrett, and other wonderful magic circles over the years.

Currently, I’m in my 30s and living in Missouri with my husband and myriad pets. I graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a degree in mass communications specifically media studies and research and a minor in religion. Part of my course work included an independent study of mysticism. My author and magic page is at

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blubio5Nornoriel Lokason, contributor

Nornoriel Lokason is one of the forefathers of the Vanatru movement, writing and doing PR from 2007-2010 under the name Svartesol.  He is the author of Visions of Vanaheim, the seminal Vanatru text, and other books.

Nono has been a pagan and occultist for over twenty years, has specifically identified as Vanatru since 2004 and while his path has taken many twists and turns over time, Vanaheim is still where his heart lives; he has relationships with two Vanic elves and serves the Vanir as a public resource, building bridges between Vanaheim and Midgard. In addition to his work with the Vanir, Nono is a dedicant of Asmodai.

Nono has the blog Ride the Spiral here on Patheos, as well as a Vanatru-specific blog, Roads to Vanaheim at PaganSquare; his main blog is The Serpent’s Labyrinth at WordPress, wherein he blogs about magic and spirit-work and his own personal journey of healing and recovery. He was diagnosed with PTSD in 2002, and feels the perspective of disabled pagans is important and also woefully under-represented.

In addition to blogging and writing books, he is an artist with an Etsy shop, Nornoriel’s House of Elf Swag, which showcases handmade jewelry and also offers things of occult interest such as divination services, astrological charts, and crystals. Nono lives in Portland, Oregon with a demon companion; when not writing or making art, he enjoys reading, thrifting, listening to industrial and metal, and communing with nature. His official website can be found at with a list of forthcoming projects, events he’ll be attending, and so forth.


CJ BlackwoodCJ Blackwood, contributor

I graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s in journalism and a minor in English. I read a great deal, especially paranormal and thriller novels. I write fiction and poetry, but I welcome the opportunity to discuss various real-life topics with this community.

I believe in making changes for the better to the world around me whenever possible. I also believe this can only happen with healthy expression of viewpoints backed up by fact. I hope to incorporate some of the other things important in my life and therefore important to my path: working with shelter animals, beadwork and other crafts, books, hard rock and metal music.

I have been a practing witch and Pagan for eight years. My path began with eclectic Wicca, but has now taken me to dusky realms of warrior goddesses, creative goddesses, and crones. It is mainly focused on self-development, social consciousness, and gaining as much skill within various forms of witchcraft as possible.  In other words, it is more of a practical path.

I hope all who read this find something valuable in my posts, and that discussion is healthy with a variety of viewpoints. Please considering following the Facebook page I created for my various writing projects, such as Smile Politely, located here in Champaign-Urbana, Il.