Have an idea for a blog post? Found out about events, a website, or other information that is important to the community?

Are you a health professional or member of the Pagan clergy, ministry, or Priesthood who would like to share a post or be interviewed?

Are you a Pagan with mental, physical or sensory impairments;  in recovery from major injuries or addiction; and/or who a member of the Deaf or Blind community? You could either write your own post or be interviewed.

Family members and friends play an important role, too, and have a story to share.

Guidelines for Submissions:

Original work either unpublished or published at least four months ago. Of course honor any agreements made with previous publishers.
1000 – 3500 words
Cite references if quotes or other sources are used.
Check for correct punctuation, grammar and spelling to the best of your ability.

Please send submissions by email to tara.miller21(at) Subject: “Staff of Asclepius submission”. Send your document in RTF or Word format.