Little Mixing Bowl of Memories

I have a white small mixing bowl with two flat handles and tiny blue flowers. It looks a lot like the one my family used to have. When my dad was alive he would eat cereal every evening. This was before his schizophrenia became so severe. [Read more…]

Hestia at Home and Work

None of us would be alive without food. It isn’t surprising then that the Greeks included a goddess of the hearth and eating at home and at public gatherings. She was so important to them that a portion of each Deity’s offerings at the temples went to her first. [Read more…]

Thoughts on Thanksgiving and Offerings

My cat loves to roam around outside then come back for meals or to go to bed. He makes gifts out of the things he has hunted around the neighborhood or out in the field. I appreciate how he keeps mice out of our home and the mole population down. I appreciate how in the [Read More…]