Environmentally Friendly and Frugal


A couple of years ago I started the Facebook group, Eco Wifey. There are actually an equal number of men and women involved. The group is for people interested in saving money and living a more natural lifestyle. It is now moderated by Amber Perry-Assmar, a friend of mine. Here are some of the wonderful tips from that group. I encourage you to join and share your own ideas.17 Natural Soothing Sunburn TreatmentsKeep Spiders Out with Peppermint Essential Oil I found out from Living off … [Read more...]

Ease Allergy Symptoms Naturally

I'm allergic to dust so to others out there who are suffering during the enduring North American drought, you have my sympathy. I'm also allergic to mold and pollen. When we encounter one of these common allergens our immune system will over respond. This can cause one or more of the following symptoms:scratchy or swollen throat dry or watering eyes rash/hives coughing/wheezing/shortness of breath runny nose sneezing headache nausea diarrheaThese symptoms depend on whether you … [Read more...]

Spa Scrub Recipe

I've been very busy preparing to host a Yule dinner with friends and making gifts. My husband and I don't have much money so we often bake and create gifts. He makes amazing apple pie and cookies.For the Staff of Asclepius blog I'm wrapping up an interview with a Pagan in New Zealand concerning the government and healthcare there. I'm also putting together a couple of posts about the health and beauty benefits of olive oil.There are many reasons to use all natural bath and beauty … [Read more...]