The Pagan Blogosphere: Not As Awful As You Think

On the surface, the Pagan Blogosphere often feels divisive, negative, and even toxic, but there’s often something else going on below the surface. [Read more…]

What if We Really Had Religious Choice?

Do we really have religious choice in America, or is the playing field stacked against alternative spiritualities? We can certainly belong to any religious tradition we choose, but just how hard is it to find religious ideas outside of the mainstream? [Read more…]

Hand to Hand, Face to Face

I’m well aware that not every difference we have in Pagandom can be solved with a bottle of mead and a box of Cheez-Its, but something powerful happens when we break bread together hand to hand and face to face. For a spirituality built upon doing we sometimes forget to do with others. [Read more…]

American Civil Religion

While having a great deal of respect and admiration for many of our national leaders and the documents and speeches that make up American Civil Religion, I am no fan of the institution. I love the symbolism of figures like Justice and Liberty, but the deification of words and men leads to a false sense of infallibility. [Read more…]

Holier Than Thou Paganism

The Pagan Blogosphere is generally a positive place where information is freely exchanged and the Pagan Umbrella litigated. However, be wary of those Holier Than Thou Pagans with their ancient secrets that cannot be shared and their sweeping edicts defining all of Pagandom. [Read more…]

Year Old Horns

It’s been a full of year of horn raising and cider chasing at Raise the Horns so it’s time for a quick look backwards along with a big “thank you” to everyone who has made the past year possible. It’s been a fun ride and we are only just getting started. [Read more…]

Pagans on a Peninsula

Michigan is not generally thought of as a hotbed of Pagan activity, but there are a lot of great people there who are building a thriving Pagan Community. [Read more…]

The Light & Shade of Modern Paganism

We live in a world of black t-shirts and tie dye, just as we live in a world of both light and shadow. Both perspectives feel Pagan in their own way, just as both perspective help to guide the journey. [Read more…]

Do Pagans Proselytize?

We Pagans dont’ generally think of ourselves as a proselytizing bunch, but is it something we engage in anyway? [Read more…]

Wicca and the Fork in the Road

For some the word “Wicca” refers only to an initiatory path, but over the last thirty years the word Wicca has evolved and is now used by a broad spectrum of people. Can both sides be right? [Read more…]