Myth as Myth (A few hours with “The Bible” TV Mini-Series)


If you share my passion for all things religious and spiritual you might have stumbled across The History Channels’s The Bible last night, produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor) and Roma Downey (Touched By an Angel). I found the show pretty awful across the board, but much of America disagreed. It pulled in thirteen million viewers. [Read more...]

On Blogs, Fox News, and Emerging Pagan Media


The online Pagan world is more than just blogs and Facebook. There’s actually a “Pagan Media” now and we are expressing ourselves and our spirituality in new and exciting ways. [Read more...]

Refusing to Paint With Broad Strokes


Why the antagonism? Let’s not forget that people outside of our own faith tradition are often fighting the same battles we are. Besides, none of us have a stranglehold on the truth. [Read more...]

Starlets, Whiskey, and Me: A Trip to the AEE in Las Vegas


Is it possible to find the sacred at AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo? Probably not, but it’s still a good way to waste a few hours. Pictures, and the occasional insight on America’s biggest adult fan fest. [Read more...]

Sex, Ritual, and Las Vegas


A couple of quick reflections on the “sex positive’ tendencies of the Pagan Community, and a little worry from the author as he prepares to attend the Adult Entertainment Expo. Yes, you read that last part properly. [Read more...]

Big Tent Syndrome (Or Running To the Word Pagan)


The debate on using the word “Pagan” continues. [Read more...]

Running From the Word Pagan


The only way to really distance one’s self from being a Pagan is to leave behind all of the other people who call themselves Pagan. [Read more...]

40 Years 40 Things


In 40 years on this Earth I haven’t learned very much, but I have cultivated a lot of opinions. Join me in some self indulgence as I address ritual, deity, horned gods, and buffalo chicken. [Read more...]

5 Things From 2012


Thoughts on the year in music, the future of Patheos Pagan, and the usual gripes and complaints about blogging. Seriously, I’ve had a great year, thank you all so much. [Read more...]

Sometimes Faith Has No Answer

I believe that my religious choice answers a lot of the big questions, but there are moments when it comes up lacking. [Read more...]