Pagan Folkways: Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

The phrase “all-original, postmodern, mystical American folk” has been used to describe the music of Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer. Come find out why. [Read more…]

Occult in America: Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith and the early Mormon Church were greatly influenced by magic and the occult. From peep stones to Freemasonry, Smith and his early followers were all over the occult map. [Read more…]

Ramble On: Call of the Wild

The drums, the moon, the clear skies, the workshops and a thousand like minded folks… it must be outdoor Pagan Festival time. [Read more…]

American Civil Religion

While having a great deal of respect and admiration for many of our national leaders and the documents and speeches that make up American Civil Religion, I am no fan of the institution. I love the symbolism of figures like Justice and Liberty, but the deification of words and men leads to a false sense of infallibility. [Read more…]

Remembering Why I am a Pagan

Shared ritual done in perfect love and perfect trust, the Earth’s bounty, and a stroll at the seashore with the Goddess of the Surf nipping at my heels . . . . all of it was a huge reminder of why I’m a Pagan. I’m a Pagan because I love the Earth, I love my gods, and I love my friends and family. Perhaps you can do most of those things without being a Pagan, but I’m sure that I do them better because I am a Pagan. [Read more…]

The Devil in Pagan Pants

While the modern Devil is most certainly a Christian construction, he and his pseudonyms have occasionally made appearances in Modern Paganism. [Read more…]

The Pagan Sandbox

Modern Pagandom is a lot like a giant sandbox. There are some of us practicing Wiccan Rituals while eating cakes and sipping on wine. Another group consists of ladies singing songs of praise to the Great Goddess. Druids throw sacrifices into a fire and the Asatru honor their gods. There are lots of things going on in the Pagan Sandbox, and while we might not all agree on what game to play, most of us are willing to admit that we are in the same sandbox. [Read more…]

Holier Than Thou Paganism

The Pagan Blogosphere is generally a positive place where information is freely exchanged and the Pagan Umbrella litigated. However, be wary of those Holier Than Thou Pagans with their ancient secrets that cannot be shared and their sweeping edicts defining all of Pagandom. [Read more…]

10 Tips for Large Group Ritual

Designing public ritual for large groups can be a bit of a challenge, but using these ten tips and tricks will make things a lot easier. Often it’s the stuff that should be the most obvious that we forget to go over. Public ritual isn’t always easy, but you can make sure it’s rewarding for all involved. [Read more…]

10 Awesome Pop Pagan Moments (Part One)

Paganism creeps into pop culture in some of the strangest and most obvious places. Sure it’s been in movies like “The Craft,” but it’s also turned up on “The Simpsons” and in one of the most beloved books in all of children’s literature. We’ve picked out ten of our favorite moments from the worlds of music, literature, television, and film. [Read more…]