When They Hate What You Love

Sometimes people hate what you love, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However there’s no need to ridicule the things we don’t like or don’t understand. [Read more…]

Let the Games Begin!

It’s fall, the favorite season of many a Pagan. The Autumn brings with it Samhain, pumpkins, frosty nights, and apple cider, but for some of us that’s just the icing on top of the cake, what fall really is about is the start of football season (insert Pagan groan here). [Read more…]

The Super Bowl and Pagan Disconnect

Imbolc Rituals on Super Bowl Sunday? Why do so many Pagans seem unaware of the Super Bowl? Could it be a giant case of Pagan Disconnect? [Read more…]

The Confusions and Confessions of a Pagan Football Fan

I love football, which makes me normal in a lot of places, but not so in the Pagan Community. I’m sorry my wife is a football widow in the fall, but this is just who I am. Why do I feel so alone while watching something that tens of millions of Americans care about? [Read more…]

The Eight Great American Sabbats

Unknown to most Americans, the country celebrates Eight Great American Sabbats. All of these sabbats represent the transition from season to another, even when they come dressed up in patriotic or religious clothing. See how many of the Great American Sabbats you already celebrate. [Read more…]