Uppercase Paganism

What to capitalize in Paganism has long been a tricky and confusing subject, and how people approach capitalizing words such as Pagan, Witch, and gods is often a very personal thing. [Read more…]

Wicca and the Idea of Duotheism

The term “duotheist” is sometimes used to describe Wiccans, but is it accurate and where did it come from? I have yet to meet anyone who describes themselves as a duotheist, but i do understand why some might label Modern Wicca in such a way. [Read more…]

Imbolc: Growth of the Light & Candle Blessing Ritual

Like the rain, the Lady cleanses and renews us. Like the earth, the Lord purifies and prepares us for the Springtime yet to come. Gather the coven and celebrate, Imbolc is nearly upon us! [Read more…]