The Non-Adept’s Guide to Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley continues to cast a large shadow over both ritual magick and Modern Paganism. Where does the non-adept start when trying to figure out Crowley’s legacy and influence? [Read more…]

The Tarot and Led Zeppelin

Are there explicit tarot-inspired images in the music and art of Led Zeppelin? You bet! It’s a little rock history and some tarot history all in one tidy little package. [Read more…]

Pagans and The Hobbit

Friday brings yet another installment in Peter Jackson’s translation of Tolkien to the big screen. Middle Earth is in my Pagan (and geek) DNA, and to say I’m excited is probably an understatement. [Read more…]

Gateways to Paganism: Led Zeppelin

Gateways to Paganism: Led Zeppelin Robert Plant (left) and Jimmy Page (right) on Zeppelin’s 1977 North American tour. (Pagans don’t proselytize, and the majority of us don’t have Pagan parents; as a result, people come to Modern Paganism through various means. For many of us, books, movies, and music provided the impetus to walk the [Read More…]

Robert Plant-Rock God

No English Rocker has aged more gracefully and explored more musical vistas than Plant. [Read more…]