Ugly Duckling Sabbats: Midsummer & Lughnasadh

I have no axe to grind when it comes to the Summer Sabbats of Midsummer and Lughnassa. I celebrate both of them, and in recent years have tried to even be more conscious of them. But both of them are indeed the ugly ducklings on the Wheel of the Year. [Read more…]

Lammas: A Square Peg In a Round Hole

It’s Lammas weekend, time to celebrate a sabbat that doesn’t quite work for a lot of us. [Read more…]

Lughnassa/Lammas: What’s In a Name (or Date)?

Lammas? Lughnassa? July 31? August 1? Why the different names and dates, and in the end does it matter? [Read more…]

The Smaller Sabbats (Or Where did Lughnasadh Go?)

Some sabbats just feel “smaller” than others. Looking around online this morning Lughnasadh felt that way to me. Why are some Pagan holidays more popular than others? [Read more…]

Lammas Ritual 2014

A Witchy Lammas (Lughnassa) Ritual inspired by medieval harvest customs. Praise to the Goddess of the Field and the Lord of the Grain! [Read more…]

Lammas: First Fruits & A Sort of Christian Feast

This Friday night when I break bread with my coven and give thanks to the Earth and the gods for Summer’s first fruits I won’t be dwelling on whether or not the celebration of “Loaf-mass” is a Christian or a Pagan one. I will be reflecting on the chain of beliefs that links me to my nominally Christian ancestors in the Middle Ages and my pagan ancestors before them. Over the last two thousand years some have tried to break that chain but the sabbats have always been far too strong for that. [Read more…]