Playlist: Spring


About ten years ago my wife designed an Ostara Ritual that included coloring with crayons and other assorted “child-like” activities. She asked me for some music to fill in that part of the ritual so I picked out a bunch of songs that screamed “Spring!” to me. At that moment, a tradition was born. [Read more...]

Ostara Ritual 2014


An Ostara ritual without seeds or eggs! It’s a Spring Equinox miracle! A Witchy ritual to welcome the dawning of Spring. [Read more...]

Hot-Cross Buns (A Recipe, Yes a Recipe)

I bake but once a year, and it’s always in the Spring. Hot-cross buns are a traditional Spring time goodie, perfect for cakes and ale, and celebrating the Equinox (or even Beltane!). [Read more...]

Eostre, Easter, Ostara, Eggs, and Bunnies


I kind of celebrate Easter. If you grew up with Easter egg hunts, baskets full of jelly beans, and huge ham dinners it’s hard to leave all of that behind. Much like Christmas, the trappings of the Easter Holiday aren’t Biblical, they are a hodgepodge of Christian, pagan, culture, and circumstance. [Read more...]