(Not Really) Witches of America

Jason reads “Witchcraft of America” by Alex Mar. He encourages you not to repeat his mistake. [Read more…]

Jason Reads and Listens (Book and Music Reviews)

Book reviews touching on everything from the evolution of Goddess worship in the modern world, conjuring fairies, and the Loch Ness Monster. Sometimes I’m surprised by my literacy too! [Read more…]

I Read I Write: Academic Edition

Many Pagans are avid readers, and I’m one of them. Thankfully, we are living in a new “golden age” of academic research when it comes to the history of not just Modern Paganism, but also magick, and the occult. [Read more…]

I Read, I Listen, I Write: Book and CD Reviews

(Since I blog on Patheos, people often ask me to review their books or music. When I feel as if I’ve read and listened to enough stuff, you end up with a page of music and book reviews. Some of the links here will take you to Amazon, but if you can, try shopping at [Read More…]