Teaching Wicca 101: Not Exactly What I Thought It Would Be

I think Wiccan-Witchcraft is a hands on spiritual tradition, and any classes on the subject should reflect that. [Read more…]

Lessons Learned While Teaching “Wicca 101”

Wicca has always provided its adherents with a great ritual structure, I can teach that, but it’s up to each individual Witch to fill in whatever blank spaces they may find. [Read more…]

I’m Going to Teach a Wicca Class (And This Sort of Bothers Me)

The owners of my localish Witch-shop asked me the other day if I would teach a Wicca class. If are familiar with this blog then you know that I have serious reservations about teaching the Craft in public, especially if money is involved. There are a lot of people in my area who charge for [Read More…]