The Year in Paganism: 2013

There were victories, arguments, festivals, and everything in between in 2013. Catch up on the biggest news stories of the year, along with some of the best and worst moments in the Pagan Blogosphere. It’s the Raise the Horns year in review! [Read more…]

Water Under the Pagan Bridge

This week someone leaving Paganism made the New York Times. Is that an important development or a bump in the road? Will we be talking about this moment four years or even four weeks from now? Maybe by then it will simply be water under the Pagan bridge. [Read more…]

Hand to Hand, Face to Face

I’m well aware that not every difference we have in Pagandom can be solved with a bottle of mead and a box of Cheez-Its, but something powerful happens when we break bread together hand to hand and face to face. For a spirituality built upon doing we sometimes forget to do with others. [Read more…]