Wicca Series: What makes someone Wiccan?

Every Monday and Friday in January we will be asking people questions about Wicca. Want to weigh in? Find the next question at the bottom of this post! What makes someone Wiccan? Dedication? Initiation? Practice? Belief? (Any responses should be assumed to be individual opinions and not representative of traditions or covens unless otherwise stated.)Joseph D. Carriker, Jr. (Alexandrian trad.) responds: It is initiation that makes one of the Wica, immersion in … [Read more...]

How to Find a Coven

Witches can't proselytize. We know that the path of witchcraft is not for everyone, and we like it that way. We are much more selective than most religions. Many coven leaders hold all coven events in their own homes, so they are understandably picky about whom to accept for training.Each witch in my tradition has had to seek out a coven to train with. During this phase of a witch's life, he or she is called a seeker. I was a seeker for over three years before I found a coven to train … [Read more...]

Sweetness of Silence

Keeping silent may be the hardest bit about Witchcraft, especially if you're the chatty blogging sort. However, as you mature in your practice, silence can be a relief, a welcoming thing.Last night I attended esbat for the May moon. From the outside looking in, everything went fairly smoothly and was pretty normal for an esbat. Ritual was lovely, weather was warm and people were just friendly and amazing. However, I had an unexpected spiritual experience.No, dear reader, I have no desire to … [Read more...]

Did Oathbreaking Lead To The Dark Ages?

History is written by the victors. This we all know well, yet there is a portion of our history that I don't hear Pagans talk about a lot. The fall of the Roman Empire is generally seen as a failure of Paganism and Pagan culture. The "fact" of Paganism collapsing under it's own decadence has been repeated so often that it would be surprising to hear it contradicted. Yet if you put on your "Pagan glasses" and look at the situation from a religious perspective, it actually appears to be a pretty … [Read more...]