Pagans and Interfaith Work

There are few issues more controversial in Paganism than if and how we should engage in interfaith work. Passionate voices debate the pros and cons. Some are wary, remembering a time when interfaith work, and being publicly Pagan, was far more dangerous than it is today. Others are determined that it is necessary for our survival. I’ve just had a day that has been illuminating, and as I rarely do so, I hope you’ll forgive me for tooting the horn of my own company.I work here at Patheos, doing b … [Read more...]

Treating the Gods like Pokemon? Respect, Tolerance and Pagan Solidarity

This morning I found the most fabulous video in my Facebook feed. It was a young woman describing irresponsible eclecticism as "treating the Gods like Pokemon".What a brilliant way to describe this phenomenon. When people first discover Paganism they tend to delve into practices that can be considered unethical by the larger community. Generally it's a combination of exuberance, ignorance and bad information that leads people to do rather silly things in the name of religious exploration. … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Demons, Druids and Westboro Baptist

The most amazing thing about the internet is that a rich ecosystem of Pagan media is flourishing. I find myself consistently inspired and amazed by not only the great writers on Patheos but all across this virtual Pagandom we've created together.So before I run off to work on my own scribblings I have to share some of the most amazing things from the Pagan web this week:Pagan Centered Podcast is fabulous. I'm a huge fan, even when they go off on weird tangents. This week they happened to be … [Read more...]

Drama Llamas: An Interview with a Therapy Ninja

Morning meetings were one of my favorite parts of PSG. Along with the drumming, dancing, musicians, skits, satyrs in the daylight, announcements, sassy raffle ladies and chanting, the morning meeting also featured drama llamas!Truly talks to us about drama llamas, his memories of PSG and why PSG is such a unique event.So you know, Marty and all the other drama llamas, like the one below, only look sweet and innocent... … [Read more...]

Community: Thoughts on Pagan Spirit Gathering

While at PSG I noticed that community was the foundation of the festival and it was a theme that kept coming up over and over in the interviews we conducted. I've tried to gather some of the clips that illustrate the community feeling of PSG: how safe, friendly and inclusive an environment the event has nurtured. I hope you enjoy this, and stay in touch, there is still more PSG content to come!Click here to listen to thoughts from the PSG CommunityOh, and swing by The Wild Hunt for more … [Read more...]