Guest Post: Henry Buchy responds to the Feri schism

Editor's Note: This post is in response to The Sundering of Feri by T. Thorn Coyle.My sister Thorn makes some good points, and very convincing too. I will offer my own ideas of the sundering or schism, because it is similar to the schisms which occurred in Buddhism or Christianity, or even Islam. Yet this division, this sundering is in no way about claiming a one true way, that one approach to Feri is the only correct one. It's more about demonstrating that there is another approach … [Read more...]

Lilith’s Compost Pile

I have been reading Lilith: Queen of the Desert, a Lilith devotional compiled and edited by Anya Kless and published by Knickerbocker Circus Press. Full disclosure: one of my poems is in it. So hey, quality literature at it's finest already.I have to say that I found some sections in the latter part of the book a little weak, mainly due to the authors not defining terms used or explaining philosophical stances taken by their respective subcultures.  There's a difference between writing for … [Read more...]

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Initiation variety pack

I was first initiated into a religious tradition when I was twelve years old. I underwent a symbolic death and rebirth, was ritually cleansed, and was recognized as a member of the spiritual family with a celebratory feast. That is to say, I joined the Baptist church.Since then I've undergone several more initiations: into a Taoist temple, by the Gods, into Feri, and when defending my MFA thesis. They vary in details, but the same elements tend to be there in various combinations: a ritual … [Read more...]

Our Nimue Is Different

The names of the Gods are whatever They are willing to answer to.We have lots of little Feri sayings. One of them is “all Gods are Feri Gods” which we mean, among other things, worship whom you please. Unlike some religions, we don't care who you dance with, so long as you also dance with them that brung you. That said, we do have a pantheon, of sorts; they are a feral, implausible bunch. For example, there's Nimue, the Laughing Maiden.Oh, Maiden goddesses! Strewing flowers eve … [Read more...]

Black Hearted Innocence (part 7)

“I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life...” - Walden, Henry David Thoreau"A weasel is wild. Who knows what he thinks? He sleeps in his underground den, his tail draped over his nose." -"Living Like Weasels" by Annie DillardSo, what happens when you get your souls all aligned, you clear out your hangups with the Iron Pentacle, and generally get … [Read more...]

Align Your Souls (Feri part 6)

1 Man has no Body distinct from his Soul for that calld Body is a portion of Soul discerned by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age. 2 Energy is the only life and is from the Body and Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy. 3 Energy is Eternal Delight - “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,” William BlakeIn common with many belief systems around the world, Feri posits that the nature of a human being is not dual, but multiplicitous and multifarious; unified, but un … [Read more...]

Pagan Light Bulb Jokes!

I will take a break from my Feritribe because I was totally inspired by Julie Maldonado's post to share these with you. You'll thank me later.I made some of them up, which probably says a lot about me, but some of them I didn't and if you are one of the people who originated these jokes please let me know because I will give you credit and also buy you a beer. Unless you're a Druid, in which case I will get you a light bulb first because I am short.That remark will seem funnier in a … [Read more...]