I’m in Love with a Preacher

Big thanks to T. Thorn Coyle for sharing this on social media. All I have to add to this sermon is a hearty AMEN! … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Lamyka on The Androgynous Divine

The totality of who we are defines us and it is in every piece and parcel that we come to realize the great truth that is: I. The pieces of previous choices and previous moments in history bite into our skin, paper thin, like the shards of broken mirror that they are. These slights against our outer most layer, our skin, anger us—even offend us into great fits of denial and rage. We reject the audacity of the past to catch up to us and wreak its vengeance in such an underwhelming way. Our p … [Read more...]

PantheaCon: Concerning Three Rituals

There were quite a few rituals at PantheaCon and unfortunately I couldn't make them all. I was determined that the rituals I did attend wouldn't be Wiccan so I could experience the rites of other Pagan religions. Here are my thoughts on the three rituals I was able to participate in over this hectic weekend.A Ritual for Our Neopagan Ancestors facilitated by the ADFAs so many of our elders have recently passed I really wanted to participate in in this ritual. The opening of the gates and call … [Read more...]

We are Born in Original Blessing

It was ex-Dominican and current American Episcopal priest Matthew Fox who coined the term "Original Blessing" for the idea that we are are not born in sin but in blessing. He is of the opinion that there are two Christianities in the world, and he has chosen the kinder, more inclusive one.There is this strange idea that the world is bad, the material is wrong and that denying that is being escapist. If we are not lost souls seeking redemption we have no purpose, no meaning. How foolish are we … [Read more...]

Columbus and Coming Out

I live in my own little world, where no one makes candles that smell like pie and having a bad case of the flu is the only excuse for watching the Lifetime channel. Thank goodness the wider world intrudes through the interwebs to remind me of important stuff. Today's topical post is thanks to the far more eloquent post on the subject at The Wild Hunt.Today is Columbus Day and National Coming Out Day and I support the latter and revile the former. Here's why: Columbus The money that funded … [Read more...]

A Heathen’s Response to Hate

“When you come upon misdeeds speak out about those misdeeds, and give your enemies no peace.”(“Poetic Edda,” Havamal, verse 127)We are in the midst of a pandemic. It’s not a sickness and it’s not something that can be cured by any neat inoculation. No, that pandemic is hatred and it is a disease as corrosive and deadly as any plague. As my gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender brothers and sisters (and those who love and support them) struggle bravely onward in the fight for respect and equ … [Read more...]

In Praise of Normal

Paganism is the the most accepting group of religions today. If you are GLBT, polyamorous, vegan, goth, or what-have-you, we welcome you with open arms. We will set a place for you at our tables and accommodate you as best we can. We are the spiritual embodiment of Emma Lazarus' poem: "Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,I lift my … [Read more...]

Many Paths, Many Genders

When it comes to gender, Paganism has the advantage of not being saddled with an allegedly infallible, unalterable book. This means that we are not doomed to be stuck trying to define ourselves by or adhere to laws written down millenia ago, before the advent of germ theory, toothpaste and cable. Not only are we liberated from first-century middle-eastern views on gender roles, we have the advantage of more than one deity, so none of that "God only has one gender" bias to make one sex superior … [Read more...]

New Series: Paganism and Gender

We want to keep doing mini-series here on the Pagan portal and we're following up our theology series with Paganism and Gender.Are you female? Male? Transgendered? Genderqueer? Do you practice gender polarity? How do concepts of gender affect your spiritual practice? What is the relationship between gender and the Divine?If you're interested in contributing just send your article and a short bio to sfoster at patheos.com … [Read more...]

An Interview with Anya Kless, author of “Lilith: Queen of the Desert”

by Galina KrasskovaThis week saw the publication of a new devotional by author Anya Kless titled “Lilith: Queen of the Desert.” While the past five years have seen the publication of a plethora of Pagan and Heathen devotionals, this book is (to my knowledge) the very first devotional anthology dedicated to the Goddess Lilith. Now Lilith is a controversial figure, even within modern Paganism. Even more controversially, Anya Kless herself doesn’t just honor Lilith, but also Odin and Loki (and tho … [Read more...]

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