Bridging the Holiday Divide

I celebrate the Solstice. My family celebrates Christmas. My friends celebrate everything else you could name. I got no problem with the religious aspects of it all, my quandary was always more practical - how do I celebrate the holidays with them, respecting their traditions while honoring mine? Keeping the social 'rules' of Christian Christmas, Jewish Hanukkah, Pagan Yule or Winter Nights, Atheist Giftmas, etc straight can be challenging. What are the traditions? What is done when? … [Read more...]

The Missing Call for Divine Justice

The anniversary of 9/11 is always a difficult time for me. Like many people, I lost someone dear to me that day. On the day itself, I stay away from tv, radio, and the internet, mourning and remembering in my own fashion. But the days leading up to and after the anniversary date I can't help but seeing various opinions and thoughts about That Day.Reading the various opinion articles by people of many different religions I'm struck by common themes - forgiveness, healing our nation, and showing … [Read more...]

Common Ground not Found at NYC Islamic Center Site

In all of the back and forth within the Pagan community over if we should or shouldn't support the proposed Islamic Center,  one of the more compelling things I've read was a comment from NorseAlchemist on the Wild Hunt, "I find myself in an unenviable position which seems I must either stand for freedom of religion (a thing near and dear to my heart) and permit a religion that would see my ways wiped from human existence or stand for something that appears to be against freedom of … [Read more...]

The Shunned Transformation

Will you come with me and watch part of a sacred transformation that most of us close our eyes to and avoid?  It won't be comfortable for you and it certainly wasn't for me.   It's not like many of the other joyous Rites of Passage that Pagans throw themselves into with wild abandon.  It’s raw and painful and normally very private, but it shouldn't be shunned like some shameful secret.  I'm not sharing this to shock or repulse or thrill.  I'm sharing it in honor of my grandmother, Selma, who was … [Read more...]

Did Oathbreaking Lead To The Dark Ages?

History is written by the victors. This we all know well, yet there is a portion of our history that I don't hear Pagans talk about a lot. The fall of the Roman Empire is generally seen as a failure of Paganism and Pagan culture. The "fact" of Paganism collapsing under it's own decadence has been repeated so often that it would be surprising to hear it contradicted. Yet if you put on your "Pagan glasses" and look at the situation from a religious perspective, it actually appears to be a pretty … [Read more...]

Not All Gods Will Like You

Ironically, just as I was gearing up to write this post, Cara Schultz does a very lovely blog about Aphrodite. Which you might want to read because my post isn't nearly as lovely.See, Aphrodite loathes me. Nothing personal, just part of Olympian politics. As a devotee of Hephaistos, her scorned husband, I will never have a warm loving relationship with the lovely Cyprian. Which is fine by me.Let's backtrack. You know the story of Aphrodite and Hephaistos, right? I know how you heard it: … [Read more...]

Feathered Aphrodite

There is a lone female duck that lives in our backyard. No males try to lure her away for illicit duck-sex, not last year and not this year, either. All the other ducks have long since paired off for some serious nest sitting and egg hatching. All but her. She isn’t even allowed near the nesting site. Perhaps the other ducks are shunning her for some transgression?I’m not sure what it is about her that the other males don’t find attractive. Perhaps her small limp has disqualified her genetic ma … [Read more...]