Laughter is Holy

Months ago I began doing something which became dubbed lolPagans (who coined that?). I snagged images of Pagan-ish characters from television and film, added some witty text and posted it online. The most popular one was from Practical Magic:And in the "time honored tradition" of memes, I found others had gone before me: And others followed after me (no longer recall who made this originally):I thought that was hilarious, however you feel about the issue. Last … [Read more...]

13 Things I Like About Judaism

Ah yes, it's time again for another 13 things post and I've really been looking forward to this one. Once, many moons ago I was married and wanted wee babies of my own. It was important to me to raise the child in a religious tradition. I had no interest in Christianity and my husband wasn't thrilled about the idea of Pagan kids. So I began to research Judaism. In the end the marriage dissolved, no babies, no conversions to another faith. Although I am Pagan to the core, a part of me has always … [Read more...]

World’s Most Famous Wiccan Weds!

Some of you die-hard Springfieldians may have already noticed the hub-bub on the web, but according to the invitation shown in a fantasy sequence in a 1995 episodes of The Simpsons, today is the day the world's most famous Wiccan weds: Lisa Simpson! Congratulations to the brainest Simpson of them all! … [Read more...]

Touchdown Jesus and the Curious Fate of Giant Statues

This morning the news was full of the tragic demise by lightning induced fire of Touchdown Jesus, aka Big Butter Jeebus. A highly flammable plastic foam and fiberglass statue rising 62 feet high, "King of Kings" was built in 2004 for a cost of 250k.The jokes and theories have been non-stop. Obviously Zeus was pissed. (But he gets pissed on a regular basis nowadays.) Maybe the man who turned the tables on the moneychangers and preached charity didn't care for a quarter million dollar statue … [Read more...]

Shaving Bunnies: Doing Your Research 101

Helllloooooooo Baby Pagani!Here at Paganism 101 we do insist on a bit of research. No excuses for sloppy ignorance here!Almost any rumor you have heard about Pagan religions can be easily put to rest with a little digging on the internet. You know what that is, you're using it to read this blog! It's the place where the e-mail is!For instance, I go to that handy little search box and type in "burning times". Ah la, the first three links debunk most of the myths surrounding the "burning … [Read more...]

Pagan Light Bulb Jokes!

I will take a break from my Feritribe because I was totally inspired by Julie Maldonado's post to share these with you. You'll thank me later.I made some of them up, which probably says a lot about me, but some of them I didn't and if you are one of the people who originated these jokes please let me know because I will give you credit and also buy you a beer. Unless you're a Druid, in which case I will get you a light bulb first because I am short.That remark will seem funnier in a … [Read more...]

Seriously? Pagan Humor

“Do you think God has a sense of humor? Look at a platypus. I think you’ll think he might.”Robin Williams, Live At the Met (1986)One thing about Pagans, we take our Deities and our Traditions seriously, but we’re not above a joke at their (and our own) expense. Even when I was a practicing Catholic, I loved a good Catholic joke. (Ever hear the one about the Cajun who went to Confession? See, I can poke fun at my own heritage and the religion to which I belonged.)Maybe it’s just me. More t … [Read more...]