Intellectualism and Pagan Pedagogy

The following started out as a comment to be made on Star’s Nov. 9th post, “Elitism: The Intellectual Path in Paganism.” Because what I was writing grew and grew into a pretty wide-ranging little article, I thought I’d go ahead and publish it as its own blog post. So, the references to “you” below are to the author of the original post! Enjoy.. . .Interesting thoughts! I must admit that I’m pretty confused, though, since it seems that you’re seeking a few things which, to me, seem at odds wit … [Read more...]

The Definition of ‘Pagan’: Monotheism and Polytheism

This summer, I have spent more time doing pagan things – attending festivals and events, teaching and attending workshops, crafting and performing rituals – than at any other point in my life. During these experiences, I have come to believe that one of the largest issues facing paganism today is one of definition: Who are the pagans, exactly? Various answers to this question have been put forward over the years, many of which conflict and confuse, and none of which are adequate in my opinion. To … [Read more...]

Lir’s Cloak: The Obscuring That Reveals

In Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth's Faeries Oracle there is a card for a faery called Sylvanius who bears the Mask That Reveals. He tells us that sometimes things must be hidden before the truth can be revealed. It's an interesting bit of wisdom.As I look out my bedroom window the mountains in the distance are obscured by mist, fog, cloud. A stranger to this land would never know they exist today, when visibility is limited to seeing only the other side of the street and no farther. The day … [Read more...]

The Magic of Purses

I used to work in an office in a nice-upscale suburb of Atlanta. Women in my office rocked Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger and all those labels that were equivalent to what I paid in rent. As a thrift store aficianado, I was a fish out of water but the experience did get me thinking about purses as magical tools.A purse is a very feminine thing, an enveloping thing, a secretive thing. We carry tools of money, beauty, and health in purses. They contain our keys, our communication devices … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs: Understanding the Symbols Part 6 – Vegvísir

As is often the case, some symbols are more commonly known than others within the iconography of any religion or magical tradition, and in this regards the Northern Tradition is no different. The Vegvísir, is a magical symbol of navigation and may also be connected with actual compasses. The Vegvísir literally means in Icelandic ‘guidepost’ and is sometimes colloquially called today a Runic or Viking Compass. … [Read more...]

On Spells and Impulsiveness

I recently reread The Way of Four Spellbook by fellow Gardnerian Deborah Lipp. One of our coven's Gardlings (that's what we call our outer grove members) recently read it as part of her required reading. It's an excellent introduction to practical spellwork. It is firmly grounded in the modern age (although she does assume that people still go to physical stores for supplies, when most of us nowadays would just Google them).Interestingly, the Gardling was frustrated by the book. She thinks … [Read more...]

Spell for Friendship

Spell for Friendship and Sisterhood This spell is to be worked around the kitchen table or similar- have friends present if possible. you could make it an old fashioned tea party. Wear organic clothing, each individual pick their favourite colour of the rainbow, then come dressed in that colour. On the table have a beautiful mixed coloured candle or a cluster of many coloured ones; have a small bowl or basket with moonstones in it, one for each friend; have a plate (or several plates) of … [Read more...]

White Witch Day

White Witch dayMonthly Ritual of ‘Craft Solidarity’My coven uses the 11th of each month; it is a power number and well suited; to ensure the day is a visible declaration of pure Goddess intent make it a WHITE day.Wear white clothes, as you do the housework, to the office, tie a white ribbon in daughter’s hair for the day at school, or men wear a white button hole. If you are really motivated bring it into every sector of your day, light white candles instead of using light bulbs, make a … [Read more...]