13 Songs for Lammas! Or Lughnasadh! Or First Fruits! Or…

I think what I like best about Lughnasadh is the many names for the festival. The beginning of the harvest is celebrated the world over and it's an exciting time. Berries are ripe on the vine and the fields of grain are ready to be gathered in. By Mabon we'll have apples and as Samhain approaches we'll be eagerly anticipating that first hard frost so we can harvest our winter greens.Once more I'm digging up 13 songs to celebrate the season. Maybe not Pagan but they speak of Lammas to me. Have … [Read more...]

Top 13 Songs for Beltane!

I don't know about y'all but spring makes me want to crank up some feel-good, get-the-body-moving tunes! There is something lusty about all the fresh new green growth that makes you want to dance! All my friends and covenmates are dusting off the ribald jokes in honor of the unabashed sexuality of the earth as she sashays her way towards the peak of summer!Here's my Top 13 songs for Beltane. As always links open in a new window so you can enjoy without losing your place, so click away!Agree? … [Read more...]