Awesome Pagan Stuff, oh, and Mother Teresa’s Evil?

First a quick run through on awesome Pagan things going on in the world:Patrick McCollum received the Mahatma Gandhi Award for the Advancement of Religious Pluralism from the Hindu American Foundation. He will be attending the American Academy of Religion's Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA on Samhain weekend along with Chas Clifton, Helen Berger, Margot Adler, Michael York and other Pagan scholars, movers and shakers. You only need to pay admission to access certain portions of the conference, so … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Just Say No To Libricide

I’m sure by now many of you have heard of the Christian pastor, Terry Jones, of a small Florida church who plans and is encouraging people to burn copies of the Quran, Islam’s holy text, on the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the United States.In the scheme of history, it is always the small-minded who burn books. It has not yet been a hundred years since the famous Berlin book burning of 1933, when Hitler’s trusted Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels encouraged the students of German Unive … [Read more...]

Isaac Bonewits, Hail and Farewell!

This morning Pagan elder Isaac Bonewits crossed over to the Summerlands. I never really knew Isaac but like many modern Pagans I certainly felt his influence. There is a lovely eulogy for Isaac on The Wild Hunt this morning that is far more eloquent than I am capable of today.Here is also a video tribute created by ADF Vice Archdruid Seamus:I honor Isaac for his contributions to Modern Paganism, for his tireless efforts on behalf of his spiritual community and for his good humor and … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Demons, Druids and Westboro Baptist

The most amazing thing about the internet is that a rich ecosystem of Pagan media is flourishing. I find myself consistently inspired and amazed by not only the great writers on Patheos but all across this virtual Pagandom we've created together.So before I run off to work on my own scribblings I have to share some of the most amazing things from the Pagan web this week:Pagan Centered Podcast is fabulous. I'm a huge fan, even when they go off on weird tangents. This week they happened to be … [Read more...]

Jezebel VS The Daily Show: Pagan Perspective

This morning a story about a war of words between Jezebel and The Daily Show caught my eye in between Warren Buffett acting cute and Lindsay Lohan going to jail. It seemed to suggest The Daily Show was sexist, and as a fan I wanted to get to the bottom of it. So I read all the sides and as a feminist I'm really peeved at Jezebel.Here's the scoop: Jezebel ran a story interviewing women who lost their jobs at The Daily Show and who couldn't get hired at The Daily Show about how the show is run … [Read more...]

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California’s Same-Sex Marriage Trial

I know the topic of same sex marriage has been discussed here before, but with the recent court case in California, I wanted to put in my proverbial two cents.On June 16, 2010, a federal court judge in California heard closing arguments in what could be a landmark case. Two couples, one gay, one lesbian, are suing the State of California, arguing that Proposition 8, which denies same sex couples the right to marriage, is a violation of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution … [Read more...]

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Touchdown Jesus and the Curious Fate of Giant Statues

This morning the news was full of the tragic demise by lightning induced fire of Touchdown Jesus, aka Big Butter Jeebus. A highly flammable plastic foam and fiberglass statue rising 62 feet high, "King of Kings" was built in 2004 for a cost of 250k.The jokes and theories have been non-stop. Obviously Zeus was pissed. (But he gets pissed on a regular basis nowadays.) Maybe the man who turned the tables on the moneychangers and preached charity didn't care for a quarter million dollar statue … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – In the News: Priest Honored for Saving Dublin’s Viking Past

Far too often, most of us who have come to some form of paganism came so through experiences from Christianity. Unfortunately, the issues that made us leave that religion behind us to find and embrace this new one follows us around like baggage sometimes. But sometimes we also need to remember that without the steps on the journey that led us to this path we may not have found it in the first place.A recent news article I stumbled across reminded me of this, that as much as we sometimes blame … [Read more...]

Ethics Statement: What Do YOU Think? (full text)

I've mentioned a few times that there has been a community-wide effort to create a statement regarding sex abuse, and only on this issue. Many Pagans, myself included, feel that there needs to be a clear statement that we do not condone sexual abuse, particularly by those in clergy/teacher/leader positions in our community.Here's the full text of the final draft from the forum it was crafted on. What do YOU think? Would YOU support this?Part 1(Short version for print distribution.)We are … [Read more...]